Additional Veterinary Services

While Qualified Pet Dental's primary specialization is on-site dog dental cleaning, our clinics offer a full complement of veterinary services. Because we're not just a "teeth-cleaning service", we're a mobile veterinary practice. As such, we offer many of the same veterinary services you can find at your local animal hospital, but on-site at your favorite pet retail location.

Additional services available at Qualified clinics

Anal Gland Expression

Clogged anal glands are painful and can become infected, but the fix can be an awkward, messy job. Let the pros do it for you.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming can be nerve-wracking for both pet and pet-parent. But don't risk injury by ignoring it. Let us help you instead.

Fecal Exam

Screens for several types of intestinal parasite, as well as for their eggs (called "ova"). Bring a small sample of your pet's poo for this test.

Fecal with Giardia Test

Standard fecal parasite and ova (eggs) screening plus an additional Giardia antigen test. Bring a small sample of your pet's poo for this test.

Heartworm Testing

Antigen or Microfilariae tests available. Results in as little as forty-eight (48) hours.


HomeAgain® brand microchips. ISO-11785 compliant. Requires online registration, which is free.

Wellness Exam

A basic veterinary exam. A "check-up" plus a brief chat with the doctor.