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Dental Cleaning for Dogs and Cats

Dental cleaning for dogs and cats is our specialty. The Qualified Standard Dental Cleaning offers a complete, preventive, below-the-gumline cleaning without anesthesia.

Our 7-step dental cleaning method utilizes a combination of ultrasonic and manual techniques and is the gold standard of the industry.

Our exclusively trained oral care assistants ensure efficient, safe and effective removal of plaque and tartar. Pricing always includes vet exam, detailed oral exam with charting, cleaning and polish. *Some pets may also require antibiotics, which is an additional cost.


Clean teeth, fresh breath in less than an hour?

Many folks wonder how on earth our staff can perform a legitimate teeth-cleaning in such a short time. There's no real secret, here. Just training, expertise and practice.

In addition to an intensive course of general canine and feline dental study, each oral care assistant (OCA) is rigorously trained specifically in our exclusive techniques. Each active OCA performs (literally) hundreds of dog dental cleanings each month.

Combined with the fact that our procedure is designed for minimum wasted effort, that endless repetition makes for a very time-efficient treatment.

This blending of efficiencies yields multiple benefits for both you and your dog or cat.

Benefits of a professional dog teeth cleaning by Qualified Pet Dental

Reduced Patient Stress

Let's face it, a proper dental cleaning is not a massage. While it's not a traumatic experience, it's not really the most enjoyable either. So getting the necessary work done in less time makes the treatment less stressful for your dog.

Fits Your Schedule

We love chatting with our customers while they wait for their dog's treatment to finish, but we also know that you probably have other things to do. The efficiency of our procedure means you spend less overall time at the clinic.

Affordable Pricing

Time is, indeed, money. Reducing the time needed to complete a preventive dental cleaning has made it possible for Qualified to offer our superior non-anesthetic treatment at prices that are surprisingly affordable.