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Qualified Pet Dental

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Safe Treatment, Healthy Pets


Qualified Pet Dental Clinics are supervised by a licensed veterinarian. Pet Dental services offered without Veterinarian supervision are unsafe and illegal.

Qualified’s dental treatment program was designed to involve our Vets from start to finish, because to us it’s about more than just clean teeth… it’s about healthy pets.

A Full Physical Exam Before Treatment

Each dental treatment we perform begins with a full physical exam, during which the doctor assesses your pet’s overall health and temperament, including a discussion with you about the pet’s medical history or unexplained symptoms.

In some cases, the doctor may determine that your pet cannot safely receive our dental treatment. This is rare, but occasionally it does happen. If we cannot treat your pet, you will only be charged a nominal Veterinary Exam Fee of $25.

A Team of Professionals

If all goes well, your pet will be taken to the Treatment Area where he/she will meet our pet dental hygienist.

The vet will discuss any special conditions regarding the treatment, and the procedure will begin. Although most treatments are quite routine, the hygienist will sometimes identify a condition that the doctor needs to address, such as a necessary extraction or an abscess.

Because our hygienists and veterinarians work together regularly, this team effort adds up to better care for your pet.

The Information You Need

When the treatment is complete, the doctor will return your pet and explain any unusual or pathological conditions that were identified during the oral exam and cleaning.

He or she may also make recommendations for veterinary antibiotics (which we can provide) or other follow-up treatment. Additionally, will receive a copy of your pet’s detailed dental chart for your records.