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Why Choose Qualified?

Choosing #1 has significant advantages…

Better by Design

Qualified clinics were designed from the start to bring premium-quality veterinary dental care to retail locations.

We set out to balance the customer’s need for affordability and convenience, the retailer’s need for easy-promotion and low-hassle service delivery, and our own need to provide the highest level of safe, legal and effective dental care.

As a result we can ensure top-tier veterinary treatment, a pleasant customer experience and a rewarding clinic-partner relationship. Everybody wins.

Professional & Organized

The first thing many people notice about a Qualified clinic versus others they have seen is the level of professionalism we practice.

While not surgical, anesthesia-free dental prophylaxis is a medical procedure and we firmly believe it should be practiced as such.

When a veterinary services team comes to your store, wouldn’t you expect them to look and act like medical professionals?

With Qualified, that’s exactly what you get.

And because each clinic team has a dedicated Clinic Manager, your clinics run smoothly and without incident, eliminating organizational headaches and making more satisfied customers.

Serious Training = Superior Results

Unlike most teeth-cleaning services, Qualified Pet Dental’s technique was developed in conjunction with veterinarians who actually focus on dentistry.

In fact, it takes six months of intensive formal training and education before our pet dental hygienists are ready for service.

Quite simply, you will not find practitioners of this caliber anywhere else in retail.

When it comes to things like veterinary care, why would you settle for second best? After all, your customers don’t.

Flexible Service Plans

Whether your business is a high-volume grooming palace or a quaint doggie daycare, Qualified has a plan that will fit your needs.

We can accommodate almost any schedule, from bi-weekly to bi-monthly to semi-annually based on your ability to promote and book.

Based on your initial trial clinic (see below), we’ll choose a plan that matches your likely volume. If things change down the line, we can change to different plan more suited to meet your needs.

This process takes the stress out of meeting clinic minimum requirements and makes for healthy, fun and profitable clinics.

Want to offer vaccination services during your clinics? No problem. Qualified stocks a full selection of canine and feline vaccines and can offer them at prices competitive with any mobile vaccine clinic.

We also stock hard-to-find ear and skin medications that many pet owners want, including Comfortis brand flea protection.

Try us Risk-Free!

All new clinic-partner relationships begin with a trial clinic date that costs you nothing. We’ll provide you with all the materials you need to promote your trial clinic. If things don’t go well, no hard-feelings.

If they do go well (and they usually do), then we’ll discuss your store’s potential and work out a schedule for regular visits.

Just click the button below to get things started, or call us at (800) 454-9624, extension 102.

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