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Easy to Promote

Promoting your Qualified Pet Dental clinic is easy. Here’s why…


Simple Concept

A Qualified cleaning is very much like your own dental cleanings, involving similar instruments, machinery and processes. It’s just adapted for the specific needs of our canine and feline friends.

The simplicity of the concept allows pet owners to relate immediately because you’re presenting them with a familiar medical procedure that they already understand.

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Increasing Pet Owner Awareness

The overwhelming clinical research connecting untreated periodontal disease with serious long-term health problems is making its way into the public consciousness.

Owners are more receptive than ever to  dental treatment for their beloved pets because it can mean a longer, healthier life.


Traditional dental treatment at an animal hospital costs and average of two to three times the price of a preventive dental cleaning from Qualified.

While our treatment isn’t appropriate for all cases, pet owners who understand the value of prevention over cure can instantly appreciate the savings.

Promotional support

Banners, signs, brochures, visual aids, online assistance… we give you the professional-quality tools you need to help you promote and book your clinic.

Try us Risk-Free!

All new clinic-partner relationships begin with a trial clinic date that costs you nothing. We’ll provide you with all the materials you need to promote your trial clinic. If things don’t go well, no hard-feelings.

If they do go well (and they usually do), then we’ll discuss your store’s potential and work out a schedule for regular visits.

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