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Qualified Pet Dental

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Pet Retailers: Save Smiles, Make Money!

Are you a potential Qualified clinic-partner?

If you enjoy…
  • Talking to your customers about their pets
  • Offering only the best in products and services
  • Increasing profits for your business
…then you should host a Qualified Clinic.

Qualified Pet Dental is a mobile dental provider that allows pet retailers and pet service businesses to offer premium preventive dental care for their customers’ dog and cats.

We practice throughout Southern California, from Ventura County to San Diego, servicing hundreds of pets every month.

If your business meets the specified criteria, you can easily increase your profits on a regular basis while providing your valuable customers with access to the #1 retail pet dental provider in the state.

How Does It work?


Set a Date

We’ll find a clinic date that works for you based on the availability of our dental teams.

Promote your Clinic

You and your staff promote the clinic to your customers, booking appointments for that date.

On Clinic Day…

On clinic day, our 3-person dental team comes to your store and treats all the pets you booked.

Get Paid!

After the clinic, you’ll receive a commission check for all the animals that were treated.

Try us Risk-Free!

All new clinic-partner relationships begin with a trial clinic date that costs you nothing. We’ll provide you with all the materials you need to promote your trial clinic. If things don’t go well, no hard-feelings.

If they do go well (and they usually do), then we’ll discuss your store’s potential and work out a schedule for regular visits.

Just click the button below to to get things started, or call us at (800) 454-9624, extension 102.

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