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Qualified Pet Dental

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Anesthesia-Free & Trauma-Free

An Anesthesia-Free Alternative

Veterinary experts have long-recognized dental health as critical to a pet’s overall well-being, yet many pet owners remain either unaware of its importance or resistant to traditional anesthetic-based dental care.

Qualified Pet Dental offers an effective alternative. Our treatment fully cleans the teeth above and below the gumline, providing truly preventive dental care, while remaining 100% anesthesia-free.

While there are cases in which this method is not appropriate, the majority of pets do not need anesthesia to maintain their dental health.

Comfort is the Key

With our method, pet comfort is a requirement of effective treatment. And like many of us, dogs and cats can get a little anxious when the dental equipment comes out.

During their training, our pet dental hygienists learn and perfect animal calming techniques, granting them the ability to put a nervous dog or cat at ease within minutes, and to keep it that way throughout the treatment.

They also practice specially-developed holding techniques that secure the animal without pain, allowing safe access to the teeth and gums.