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Dog Teeth Cleaning: Do it Right or Not at All

If effective dental cleaning was simple, then anyone could do it. But in reality, it’s a complicated and occasionally delicate procedure. One that requires a great deal of specialized skill and knowledge.

dog teeth cleaning los angeles qualified pet dental

Dental cleanings performed without that knowledge and skill, or performed with an inferior or incomplete method, can actually be worse for your pet than doing nothing at all.

Beware: Improper or incomplete dental treatment can lead to…

  • physical injury
  • new infections or the spread of existing infections
  • accelerated tooth decay or gum disease development
  • a missed diagnosis of developing dental problems
  • the masking of existing periodontal problems, letting them fester

Preventive Cleaning, Where It Counts

While plenty unattractive, that yellow gunk on your pet’s pearly whites is not the real threat. It’s the stuff you can’t see that leads to gum disease and serious dental trouble.

For any dental treatment to be preventive (rather than merely cosmetic), it must incorporate a complete below-the-gumline cleaning.

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Qualified’s 7-Step prophylactic procedure cleans all tooth surfaces and the below-the-gumline area, plus adds a finishing polish to protect the enamel, so your pet’s smile doesn’t just look healthy, it is healthy.

Qualified: More Than Just a Name

Qualified’s pet dental hygienists are simply the best trained, most highly skilled, and best equipped in the industry. They begin with an extensive veterinary care background. They then receive six months of intensive specialized training in dental examination and maintenance procedures as well as education in animal handling and behavior.

We outfit each hygienist with a top-of-the-line mobile dental package. This includes high-tech ultrasonic scalers and power-polishers, a large supply of fully-sterilized manual scalers, probes, and currettes. Simple-yet-critical items like nitrile gloves and gauze round out the package. Every hygienist arrives on clinic day fully prepared to perform professionally and effectively.

And so do our Vets. We choose our veterinarians carefully. Qualified works with those who have not only impressive credentials and significant experience, but also the ability to communicate effectively with both our hygienists and with pet owners. Our doctors’ vast body of knowledge and wealth of experience is critical to helping Qualified provide the highest standard of dental care for your pet.