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Keys to Clinic Success

Ingredients of a Successful Qualified Clinic

Motivated Staff

Whether “staff” means a crew of twenty-five or you alone, the most critical factor in clinic success is motivation.

Banners in the window and brochures on the counter can help get the conversation started, but talking to your customers about the service and about their pets’ dental health is the main source of clinic bookings.

We do what we can to help, providing professional-quality promotional and informational materials, running in-store staff orientations on request, and answering questions via toll-free support. But the rest happens in-store, so you need your people on-board.

Engaged Customers

Over time, we have found that the best performing clinics are hosted by businesses that have a great deal of personal interaction with its customers.

Friendship might not be the perfect word. But that personal interaction does breed something more than a generic seller/buyer relationship; it produces a certain level of trust in your recommendations.

And when it comes to decisions that affects their pet’s health, one of which veterinary dental care most certainly is, trust is a critical factor.

So if your store is more of “hands-off” operation, more supermarket than boutique, hosting Qualfied clinics may not be your best option.

On the other hand, if you and your staff strive daily to interact with your customers, it’s right up your alley.

Matching Clinic Frequency to Volume

Even with the above in place, a mismatched service plan can hinder clinic performance.

Host too frequently for your store’s volume, and you’ll constantly be scrambling to meet clinic minimums. Host too infrequently and your clinics fill up too quickly,

This is why Qualified puts a premium on matching your service plan to your store’s volume, and why we always start with a trial clinic (see below) to gauge what potential your clinic has.

Scheduling Efficiency

The viability of any mobile business is dependent on efficiency.

Add to that fact the significant cost of maintaining a staff of veterinary professionals, and you can easily understand why an efficient clinic schedule is paramount to a successful Qualified Pet Dental clinic.

We make this easy by providing an easy-to-follow Dental Schedule binder, complete with grid-style appointment sheets and full instructions.

Try us Risk-Free!

All new clinic-partner relationships begin with a trial clinic date that costs you nothing. We’ll provide you with all the materials you need to promote your trial clinic. If things don’t go well, no hard-feelings.

If they do go well (and they usually do), then we’ll discuss your store’s potential and work out a schedule for regular visits.

Just click the button below to get things started, or call us at (800) 454-9624, extension 102.


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The Keys to Clinic Success